“Citizens are Customers”, “Administrations are Service Providers”:

The Citizen Information Service (House 3, ground floor) of the Hochtaunus District fills these catch words with life. This modern administration focus on you as a citizen. Every employee of the Citizen Information Service (BürgerInfoService) strive to manage your requests and concerns in a timely, competent and appropriate manner. The Citizen Information Service of the Hochtaunus District Administration offers you the following:

• people-oriented administration

• wide service spectrum

• competent and friendly consultation and   

• short waiting times  

There are many reasons to contact the District Administration and we manage a great number of responsibilities for our citizens: Driving license office, car registration and school transport are the most frequent reasons. You will find information, forms and the right contact persons at our Citizen Information Service.

Of course we offer our services online too, but this shouldn’t replace the personal contact between citizens and the District Administration.

The Citizen Information Service offers the following services:


  • General information on the District Administration
  • Response or forwarding of email enquiries ( )
  • Distribution of information material  
  • Sales of Hochtaunus District brochures and literature  
  • Distribution and acceptance of applications
  • Management of incoming calls (06172-9990)
  • Information by telephone (06172-9990)
  • Appointments for car registration, driving license and information according to § 43 on infection protection law. (IfSG)

Car Registration:

  • Pre-check of the necessary papers
  • Distribution of the queuing tickets
  • Reservation of personalised licence plates
  • Appointment allocation
  • Distribution of emissions stickers
  • Distribution of short-term licence plates
  • De-registration of HG and other licence plates 
  • Acceptance of recycling certificates  
  • Issuance of registration certificates Part 1 (substitute registrations) due to loss, theft or unusability  
  • Amendment of car holder and address data
  • Re-registration of vehicles without change of owner whilst maintaining the registration number
  • Registration of CAT recoding
  • Exchange of licence plates due to unusability  

Driving Licence Authority:

    • Pre-check of the necessary papers
    • Distribution of the queuing tickets
    • Appointment allocation
    • Application and issuance of Euro driving licences (conversion of driving licence)
    • Application of substitute driving licences due to loss, theft or unusability
    • Application of a new driving licence due to change of personal data  
    • Issuance of international driving licences

Health Authority:

    • Administrative processing of instructions according to § 43 Infection Protection Law (IfSG) when handling food  

For the Lower Hunting Authority:

    • Renewal of hunting licences issued in the Hochtaunus District 
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