Information and guidance for companies and businesses

The economic consequences of the corona crisis are already a major challenge for many companies, without the effects being fully foreseeable. At this point we would like to provide you with information that we update on a continuous basis.

Corona information and instructions for commercial enterprises

We keep you up to date and are there for you!

If you have any questions about possible closures of service companies, craft businesses and other commercial enterprises, please contact your local municipality. For any other issues, please contact your local business development agency.


Compensation in the event of lay off:
sick leave and release from work duties, guarantee pay during lay-off, Statutory Sick Pay

Please send us an email to this address:


You will immediately receive a reply with application forms attached.

You can also find the forms here:

Application for compensation for loss of earnings

Leaflet on loss of earnings



FAQ short-time-work


Financial assistance programs

Hessian assistance programs for start-ups and companies at a glance

Questions and answers about the corona virus

Corona check list for companies provided by IHK (Chamber of Industry & Commerce)


A protective shield for employees and companies: 
 " The federal government’s central message is: there is enough money to tackle the crisis and we are going to use this money now. We will take all the necessary measures. That is something everyone can rely on. "

Source: Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs (overview of decisive measures)