Date 17 April 2020

Agreement on further action between the Federal Government and the Länder

After the video conference, the Hessian state government consulted with Chancellor Angela Merkel and the heads of state governments in the Corona Cabinet Committee and decided on the further procedure in the Corona crisis. In particular, the question of when the school will start again and with which classes was concretised.

The Hessian Head of State (Ministerpräsident) Volker Bouffier and the Hessian Minister of Education Alexander Lorz provided information on this in Wiesbaden.

The following points were agreed

School lessons will start step by step from 27 April for about 230 000 pupils.

It will begin with the final classes of secondary schools, grammar schools and vocational schools as well as the fourth classes of primary schools. The school will also start again for the 12th grades on 27 April.
High school graduates (Abiturienten) will only have to appear for the oral examination.

To ensure that distance and hygiene rules are observed, the classes will be reduced to a maximum size of 15 pupils. The central Hauptschule and Realschule examinations will now take place from 25 - 29 May.

Day-care centres will remain closed. However, the state government has decided to further expand emergency care. As of 20 April, single parents in employment will also be entitled to childcare.

The ban on contact and visits to old people's homes and nursing homes will remain in effect for the time being. Special protection concepts are to be developed for these facilities in order to achieve maximum protection and at the same time make social contact possible.

All further measures and restrictions for Hesse are based on the decision of the federal and state governments.

The current ban on contact will remain in place until 3 May 2020. This means that people may continue to be in public places with a maximum of two people or only with people from their own household.

The minimum distance of 1.5 metres must be observed.
Violations of these restrictions will be punished accordingly by the authorities.


The first easing of the restrictions is taking place in the retail sector: Shops with a sales area of up to 800 square metres will be allowed to open again from next week. Strict protection concepts with distance and hygiene rules must be observed and queues must be avoided. As a guideline, one person is allowed to stay in an area of 20 square metres.

Irrespective of their size, car and bicycle dealers, bookstores, libraries and archives will be able to open from 20 April.

Restaurants and pubs will remain closed. As before, these businesses will only be able to place take-away and delivery orders.

From next Monday, 20 April, ice cream shops will also be allowed to deliver. So far they have been excluded from this.

Hairdressers will be allowed to open their shops from 4 May. Hygiene and safety measures will also apply to them.

Mass events will remain prohibited until at least 31 August 2020.

The state government recommends that people on public transport or when shopping wear everyday masks to further slow down the spread of the corona virus.

A mask obligation will not be introduced.

Medical protective and breathing masks should be reserved for medical staff who urgently need them for the treatment of patients.

Further information


Date 1 April 2020


Contact restrictions extended  

The current restrictions on public life will remain until 19 April for the time being. No relaxation is planned for the Easter holidays either. The federal and state governments have agreed to this.

"It would be very bad if we relaxed the restrictions on contacts too early and had to row back later," said Chancellor Angela Merkel after a telephone conference with the heads of government of the federal states. That is why they had agreed to maintain the current contact restrictions.

Keep your distance - even during the Easter holidays

In a joint resolution, the federal and state governments once again made it clear that the contact restrictions also apply to Easter. Thus it is stated: "Citizens are urged to keep contacts with other people outside the members of their own household to an absolute minimum, even during the Easter holidays, in accordance with the applicable rules". Merkel appealed to citizens to refrain from private travel and visits - including those by relatives.

Renewed assessment of the situation after Easter

On the Tuesday after Easter, the situation will be reassessed in order to decide on how to proceed, the Chancellor explained. The benchmark will be the assessment of the Robert Koch Institute and the epidemiologists.


25 March 2020 


Hessian Landtag adopts law that ensures the municipal decision-making ability and to postpone mayoral elections

On March 24, 2020, the Hessian state parliament (Landtag) passed the "Law to secure the municipal decision-making ability and to postpone the mayoral elections".

In times of crisis the finance committee, in the Hochtaunuskreis this is the “finance and digitisation committee”, can decide instead of the district council if urgent matters have to be decided which cannot be postponed and the decision of the district council cannot be obtained.

In addition, the mayoral elections, which are due from April to October 2020, will be postponed to the period from 1.11.2020. The municipalities can decide that the mayoral election will take place together with the general municipal election in March 2021.

In the Hochtaunuskreis, Kronberg (scheduled election date 7 June 2020), Glashütten and Schmitten (scheduled election date 27 September 2020) are affected by the postponement.

Detailed information on the law (in German)


23 March 2020 

Funerals and funeral ceremonies with 10 participants only

In order to combat the spread of the corona virus, the Hochtaunuskreis has issued a general decree laying down rules for participation in funeral ceremonies. Accordingly, the following exceptions are permitted for funeral ceremonies and burials: At funerals and funeral ceremonies in the open air up to 10 mourners are allowed to participate.

An excess of this number is permitted provided that the mourners are exclusively the following relatives of the deceased: Spouses or life partners according to the Civil Partnership Act or partners in a community similar to marriage as well as children, parents, grandparents, grandchildren, brothers and sisters, adoptive parents and children.

A distance of 1.5 metres must be maintained between the mourners, unless they are members of the same household or persons in need of support.

General deceree of the Hochtaunuskreis on Funeral ceremonies and funerals (in German)


22 March 2020 

To fight the corona virus, the Federal Chancellor and the heads of the Länder (Federal States) governments (Ministerpräsidenten) adopted the following resolution today 

The Federal Government and the Länder agree to extend the guidelines for restricting social contacts adopted on 12 March:     

I. Citizens are urged to reduce contacts with other people outside the members of their own household to an absolute necessary minimum. 

II. In public, wherever possible, a minimum distance of at least 1.5 m must be maintained from persons other than those mentioned under I.

III. Staying in public is only permitted alone or with one other person not living in the household or in the circle of members of one's household.

IV. It is still possible to travel to work, to take children to emergency child care, to do shopping, to visit doctors, participate in meetings, take part in necessary appointments and examinations, help others or practice individual sports and exercise in the fresh air. 

V. Groups of people celebrating in public places, in apartments and private facilities are unacceptable. Violations of contact restrictions will be monitored and sanctioned.

VI. All gastronomic businesses will be closed. The delivery and collection of take-away food for consumption at home is excluded.

VII. Personal hygiene service providers such as hairdressers, beauty salons, massage parlours, tattoo studios and similar firms will be closed. Medically necessary treatments remain possible.

VIII. In all companies and especially those open to the public, it is important to comply with hygiene regulations and to implement protective measures for employees and visitors. 

IX. These measures apply for at least two weeks. 

The Federal Government and the Länder will cooperate closely in implementing these restrictions and in assessing their effectiveness. Further regulations based on specific regional or epidemiological situations in the Länder or districts remain possible.

The Federal Government and the Länder are aware that these are very drastic measures. However, they are necessary and they are appropriate with regard to the legal interest of public health to be protected.

The complete text (in German) of the press release of the Federal Government can be found here

Speech of chancellor Merkel and further information in many languages


20 March 2020

Gastronomic businesses are closed from Saturday, 12 pm

In a special session, the Hessian federal government has decided on further measures on limitation of social contacts.

This restriction shall apply from tomorrow, Saturday, March 21 2020.

All restaurants, pubs, coffee shops, bars etc. will be closed from Saturday, 21 March, beginning 12 midday/noon.



Date: 18 March 2020


Closures and meetings: The Federal State of Hessen adopts new regulation to combat the corona virus

The following facilities, establishments, meeting places are to be closed (down) or must cease to provide their services



- dance events, fairs, exhibitions, special markets, funfairs, amusement arcades, gambling halls, casinos, betting shops and similar establishments

- amusement facilities in the sense of the building ordinance

- leisure parks and animal parks, providers of leisure activities (indoor and outdoor)

- cultural institutions of any kind, regardless of their sponsorship or ownership

- cinemas

- sport activities on and in all public and private sports facilities, public and private swimming pools and fun pools, spas, thermal baths, fitness centers, gyms and similar facilities

- playgrounds

-  sex clubs, brothels

- all other retail outlets or point of sales which are not mentioned elsewhere in the regulation, in particular factory outlets and manufacturer direct sales centers



- food retailers, supermarkets

- animal feed retailers

- weekly farmer’s markets

- beverage markets

- banks and savings banks

- collection and delivery services

- pharmacies

- drugstores, chemist’s

- medical supply stores

- post offices

- laundries

- petrol stations

- cleanings

- newspaper sale

- construction markets, horticulture markets and pet supply stores

- wholesale


Date: 16 March 2020

District administration closes district office starting Wednesday - emergency appointments possible

The District Office will be closed to the public beginning Wednesday, March 18 until further notice. Citizens are asked to refrain from visiting the District Office and, for all matters that cannot wait, to call the responsible clerk or Citizen Information Service first or to contact them by e-mail/by post. Personal visits are only possible in exceptional cases by prior arrangement.

Appointments already agreed upon remain valid, but must be confirmed by telephone first. Contact details can be found on the customer's correspondence with the district administration or on the homepage of the district administration ( You can also contact the Citizen Information Service via email at or by phone: 06172/999/0.

Access to the District office is only possible via house 3. A security service will coordinate the entrance. All visitors must first clean their hands with sanitiser in the entrance area. Visitors will then be picked up in house 3. Anyone who cannot provide evidence of a scheduled appointment will be turned away. Emergency appointments are possible by arrangement.

The vehicle registration office in Usingen will be closed from Tuesday, March 17. Vehicles can continue to be registered in Bad Homburg by appointment. The customers of the dealer counter will continue to be served by appointment. The cafeteria in the District office will remain closed for external guests until further notice. In addition to these measures, the Taunusbad (swimming pool) in Usingen and the Jugendbildungswerk in Usingen (youth education center) will be closed. The Taunus Information Centre is also closed to the public, but can be reached by e-mail and telephone. All the district's own sports facilities are closed from Wednesday.


Date: 16 March 2020

Information of State Government of Hesse: additional decisions in the fight against corona virus

The Federal Government and the heads of government of the federal states have jointly agreed on guidelines for combating coronavirus. In order to slow down the spread of the virus, the state of Hesse has joined this agreement and decided on further measures.

The guidelines of the Federal German Government and its states provide for the following measures, among others:

In order to ensure the supply of the population despite the spread of coronavirus and despite necessary far-reaching measures, food and beverage markets, pharmacies, drugstores, petrol stations and banks in particular will remain open. The Sunday sales bans are suspended in principle until further notice. Service providers and craftsmen can continue to carry out their activities.

Different areas are closed to the public, in which usually many people meet in a confined space, such as pubs, museums and swimming pools. Also church services will no longer take place.

In restaurants, distances between the tables must be sufficiently large. The opening hours will be limited from 6 am to 6 pm .

Overnight stays in hotels will be prohibited for tourist reasons.

The complete guidelines are available at

These regulations come into force with effect in Hesse from Wednesday, 18 March.